Monday, 20 February 2012

Care To Share?

If you have a story about good or bad customer service - I'd love to hear it. It doesn't matter which country you are from, or what business it is about - just don't mention the business name, just the type of business it is - for example...

Great customer service experienced this morning at a coffee shop here in Halls Head, Mandurah. I ordered, then walked away to chat with someone, then, when caught up in the conversation, didn't hear my order called out. I came to my senses 10 minutes later, and they remade me a fresh coffee. Got to love that, and boy was it good!

Although... bad service examples too just like this:
Standing in line at a petrol/gas station this morning, for 10 minutes, waiting to be served, only 2 people in front of me, one person serving, and 3 customer service people behind the counter doing staff rosters, rather than clearing the back log of people waiting. Come-on, you could see us standing there, you even smiled, but did nothing to help out. I eventually paid for my fuel, then, left the cold drink I was going to get on the counter as it was now warm! Why is it staff, and management at these places do not understand that by holding up their customers, more can't be served out at the pumps, as a matter of fact, I saw one person who was parked behind me when I walked in to pay (waiting to get their fuel), they drove off across the street to the other petrol station.

So please, I'd love to hear your stories of good, bad, or indifferent customer service - just comment below.