Thursday, 27 February 2014

Killer Ideas #08

Here's an idea that gets little used, but I think packs a punch: telephone talk-back.

The idea is to make your commercial sound like a talk-back radio show, or something similar, and have the announcer introduce the next caller, who would then go off on a tangent. This is a great idea, and can work well for the right type of business, if the topic is relevant.

For example: A new men's fashion store.
ANCR: "...and our next caller is Dave, so Dave... Do you think that the Prime Minister has an image problem?"
DAVE: "Yes, yes he does, and he could change all that simply by going to the new men's fashion store in town... XYZ MEN'S FASHION!"
...the announcer (ANCR) would then try to get DAVE back on track, but Dave would keep on mentioning their specials, location, brand names, etc...

And that's just one very quick idea off the top of my head. So think about it next time you are trying to come up with a killer idea for your next commercial.

Until next time... Keep on Selling! Earl Pilkington