Sunday, 13 July 2014

Mini Post: What Business Are You In?

This week I wanted to do something that I remembered recently about a past employer, and I think it is highly relevant to today, so join me on this trip back in time...

Believe it or not, this is a serious question: "What Business Are You IN?"

I was once (a very, very long time ago when I worked in a very different media company) on a visit with a co-worker seeing a client, and the client, before we even had a chance to introduce ourselves asked... "What kind of business are you in?"

The co-worker was about to answer when I jumped in and said something...



"We're in the ship building business" I answered (remembering something I had just read in a motivational book).

My co-worker looked very confused, as did the client because we were wearing the company shirts with our logos on them (and that logo looked nothing like a ship of any sort).

"We build relationships, partnerships and friendships."

The thing is, I still think it is true.

No matter if you are a service provider, business to business supplier, or a manufacturer. We all are in the ship building industry.

For example, in the media, in any media, we look at building relationships with our audience.

Partnerships and friendships with our clients.

And, most importantly, all three types of ships with each other.

Have you thought about what type of business you are in?

Until next time... Keep On Selling! Earl Pilkington